1. General Help

What is the Ticketing System and how do I use it?

Here we break down the basics of filing a ticket and a few new features.

Here's how it works:
• Submitting tickets to our data quality and technical support team can be done directly from each user's account page: https://account.intrinio.com/account/help/
• If you need to report a data quality discrepancy, make a general inquiry, or ask a technical question, the most convenient and fastest way is to file a ticket right from your account dashboard. 
• When opening a ticket, users can choose the type of request, attach images/documents to the request, track its status, receive updates via email, and more.
Some new features are now available via our ticketing system:
• Communicate with our data/technical support team in the ticketing system via email by either reaching out directly to support@intriniosupport.zendesk.com to file a ticket or responding to updates you receive from that email.
• You can cc team members on those email tickets/responses in order to keep more people in the loop at once.
• A more transparent and efficient way for our teams to collaborate and resolve tickets.