Troubleshooting the Excel Add-In On PC

Read our step by step guide to troubleshooting the Excel add-in on PCs.

This article provides a step by step process for getting the Intrinio Excel add-in installed if you are experiencing problems on a PC. If you get stuck on a step or follow the process and still aren't able to get the add-in working, feel free to chat with our team.

Troubleshooting on PC

  1. Did you follow the process in the Excel tutorial?

The Excel tutorial will walk you through the install steps. If you didn't follow the tutorial, give it a try - it includes step by step instructions. If you followed the tutorial and are still having problems, continue to step 2.

2. Is your Excel add-in working?

It is possible that you installed the add-in and it is working. This step can be used to check if your add-in is working.

Completely quit Excel. Make sure not to simply close the workbook you have open.

Restart Excel and type this into a cell on a blank Excel workbook on your computer:


If your add-in is installed you should see this:

If you do see this list of Intrinio user defined functions, type this and hit enter:

=intriniodatapoint("AAPL", "marketcap")

After a moment you should see the current marketcap for Apple appear in the cell. If you do, your add-in is installed and working properly.

If you don't see the list of user defined functions or don't see a number appear in the cell after typing the formula, continue to step 3 or the last step you completed.

3. Did you use your email instead of your access code?

When you entered your access key, a common mistake is to enter your email and the password instead of your API Key.

If you entered the wrong API key but installed the add-in properly, you should see "Intrinio" in the ribbon of your workbook:

Next step is to get your API Key. Go to your account and use your email and password to login.

In your account, you can copy your API Key by clicking the clip board:

In the Excel add-in, click on API Keys (top left). When the new window prompts, click paste and then hit update: 

Repeat step 2 using your correct API Key. If you are still not able to get the add-in working, move on to step 4.

4. Are you on a supported version of Excel?

You need to be on Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016. If you are not on one of these versions you will need to install one of them to continue. If you are using a supported version, continue to step 5.

5. Do you have other add-ins installed?

If you have other add-ins installed they could be interfering with the Intrinio add-in. Remove or deactivate your other add-ins. Once you have, repeat step 2. If this is not successful or you have no other add-ins, continue to step 6.

6. Are you behind a firewall?

The Intrinio add-in uses the internet to pull data into Excel. If you have a firewall that blocks certain types of web traffic, you may need to add the Excel add-in to your list of safe applications. Provide your IT department the following information:

*The destination of the macro is: port 80*

*There is no static IP address.*

Once you have added the Excel add-in to your list of safe applications, repeat step 2. If this is not successful or you don't have a firewall, continue to step 7.

7. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the add-in?

Frequently, uninstalling and reinstalling the Excel add-in solves any issues a user is facing. Navigate to "Programs and Features" from the Control Panel or by searching "remove programs" on your PC:

Double click the "Intrinio Excel Add-in" and click "Remove" to uninstall the add-in. Return to step 1 and reinstall the add-in before reattempting step 2. If this does not get the add-in working, continue to step

If reinstalling the add-in and repeating step 2 did not work, continue to step 8.

8. Are you in Europe?

If you are in Europe, you will use a semi-colon in your Excel formulas instead of a comma. Repeat step 2 but instead of this:

=intriniodatapoint("AAPL", "marketcap")

Use this:

=intriniodatapoint("AAPL"; "marketcap")

If this did not work, or you are not in Europe, continue to step 9.

9. Did you restart your computer?

Try completely restarting your computer and returning to step 2. If restarting is unsuccessful, move on to step 10.

10. Did you test out a template?

Try opening the "OverviewReport" file from "Intrinio Templates" in the ribbon:

Enter a T as the ticker symbol and hit "Update". Don't click anything after you hit update, it can take a minute or two to pull in all of the data in the template:

You should be able to click through the template tabs and see data:

If you don't see any data, or see only errors, continue to step 11.

11. Is there weird formatting in your workbook?

Open up a blank workbook and make sure that there is no formatting in cell A1. If you have formatting in the cell it can interfere with the add-in. Then, copy and paste this syntax into the cell:

=intriniodatapoint("AAPL", "pricetoearnings")

Check the quotes you used. If you use a single quote or different type of double quotes the add-in will not work. Make sure the ticker you entered is in all capitals. For example, aapl will not work but AAPL will. Make sure you didn't have a typo in intriniodatapoint and that you used () not [] or {}. Remember, year parameters must be in a custom format: "YYYY-MM-DD".