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Status Tag: Active, Inactive, Null

Here's what our active, inactive, and null values mean for the status tag.

The entity_status tag can generally be summarized like so: 

  • Active: Company is actively trading and financial filings are submitted quarterly to the SEC. 
  • Inactive: Generally the company is either no longer trading or they are not trading publicly. Many times their ticker is reused by another entity. 
  • Null: Newly added company (think IPOs) that we haven't received security data on. 

This can lead to some confusion when there are seemingly different responses between the company and security endpoints (i.e. companies/stock_exchange = NULL when securities/stock_exchange_mic = 'XNAS'). 

The most consistent way to determine the exchange is to use the security endpoint, which makes sense as users may require securities for stocks traded outside the US, in which case the stock exchange tag on the company endpoint wouldn't be the same. For all new companies, we have a process to ensure the primary security is mapped to the correct company. 

Another way to think about it is the company tag for Stock Exchange is somewhat a legacy tag that can be useful, but generally the security is the most accurate no matter what exchange you are interested in analyzing.