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Sandbox vs Production

An introduction to the sandbox, including the difference between the sandbox and production environments and how to access both.

Please note: the sandbox is only available to select users. Request a consultation with our team to start a free trial of Intrinio data.

Important Documentation:

Developer's Sandbox

What is Intrinio's Sandbox?

A sandbox is a testing environment that isolates data from the production environment.

Intrinio offers a sandbox environment to help you experiment with Intrinio data. Once you request a consultation and we determine that we have the right product for your needs, a member of our sales team can offer you access to our sandbox environment.

The sandbox has a large variety of limited, free data which you can use for developing, testing, and experimenting. Keep in mind, since it is a limited environment, you'll be able to access limited data only.

Here's a complete list of what's included in the sandbox.

I Want to Access the Production Database, What Should I do?

In order to get access to our production environment, you will need a paid subscription to one or more of our data products. Speak with a member of our sales team to discuss.

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