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EOD Market Data FAQs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our end of day market data.

How is Intrinio’s EOD pricing calculated? 

Our end of day pricing feed is the official, EOD pricing data through our data partner EDI. It does not include any pre- or post-market trading. However, we can offer real-time and/or delayed pre- and post-market pricing data via our other data partners – contact us to learn more.

How can I filter out delisted securities when searching EOD prices for the market? 

Use the prices by exchange endpoint. This endpoint returns only those securities that traded on the specific day requested in the endpoint. For example, if you pull prices for the universe on October 15, 2013, the endpoint would return only those securities that actually traded that day. 

When are US EOD prices updated?

Unconfirmed EOD prices typically begin coming in at around 4:45 PM ET each day, and finish loading around 5:00 PM ET. However, we recommend setting a process to run at 5:30 PM ET and 6:00 PM ET, just in case those files arrive late from the exchange.   

Confirmed EOD prices rarely differ from the unconfirmed prices, but typically come in between 8:00 PM ET and 9:00 PM ET each evening. We recommend including an automated process to run late evening to ensure your database includes the confirmed, official prices before market open the next day. 

Can I pull multiple tickers at one time?

Our API does not allow calls for multiple tickers. You can use the security screener for EOD data or bulk downloads for historical data.

What is USCOMP? 

USCOMP (or US Composite) is a composite of all the US exchanges. We primarily use USCOMP for our EOD prices, and our EOD pricing data should match most sources.

Are your stock technicals always EOD? 

Yes. Intrinio’s stock technicals are always EOD; however, our data partners have some real-time indicators. Contact us to learn more.