Why do the values of your calculations sometimes differ from other sources, like Yahoo! Finance?

Here's why Intrinio's calculations may look different from other data providers.

It’s possible for the data to have errors. We have multiple terabytes of information we offer from all our various data feeds and managing every point is a challenge that all data providers run into. If an error is discovered, we have a team dedicated to fixing errors as quickly as possible.

What about when the data is correct? This is a much more interesting question because almost every data provider interprets data differently. We carefully choose variables for our calculations recommended by financial experts to be the most accurate, proper, and actionable, based on years of research. All providers have strategies they follow based on their sources and customer needs.

All of this said, if you find a calculation or price that looks off, we have a team dedicated to researching and correcting data issues who are here to help. If you think we are too far off, we’ll either let you know where we came up with the value, or we’ll fix the value.