Does Intrinio provide mapping documentation for its Standardized Fundamentals?

We do not provide mapping documentation for our Fundamentals. Here's why.

Our system uses a complex series of strategies that work to interpret tags from reported filings in XBRL that we standardize into templates based on industry. Each strategy is unique and builds upon prior filings to determine how to map from the reported XBRL file into the standardized forms (either industrial or financial). 

Because each is unique to the company, a mapping documentation is not possible. There would be too many to publish. 

If we took each tag as meaning the same for each company and had a 1:1 strategy, many of the values in the pre-tax income, net income, etc. could be thrown off. Because every company is different, it must be a unique strategy in order to balance the filings properly. 

We are constantly doing research into the most effective mapping strategies to best interpret the wide variety of corporate filing techniques. We also have a technical support team that can research any filing you believe is mapped improperly. We love working with our clients and are happy to help either fix data issues or explain why the data is presented a certain way. Please email or file a ticket from your account page.