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Calculations - How Are Fields Calculated?

This article explains our calculation methodology and shows where calculations are stored for fields like marketcap.

If you are looking to use Intrinio's calculated fields and want to see how we are calculating them, start with the Data Tag Directory.

We keep a filtered list of calculations here

In general, Intrinio prefers users to create their own calculations. We provide the raw data to do so for technical indicators (SMA), valuation metrics (P/E), and more complex analyses as well. This creates transparency and encourages independence for investors, two ideals Intrinio loves.

In many cases, however, Intrinio provides calculated fields to save users time. There are many hundreds of these fields. You can pull a company's stock price and earnings, then divide them yourself to get P/E, or you can pull P/E as its own data point. 

These calculated fields can be helpful, especially when there are multiple time periods for a metric. In many cases, you can pull the most recent metric as well as historical calculations at the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly level. That's a lot of calculating that can be avoided if you use Intrinio's fields rather than doing it yourself.