ADRs/Non-US Based Companies

Intrinio is rolling out coverage of ADR fundamentals, but the data is still under construction and may contain errors.

Intrinio has recently begun to roll out coverage of ADR fundamentals. If your account is set to view all data (rather than only covered fundamentals), you will see ADR data. 

ADRs, in Intrinio’s terminology, are companies that may trade publicly on US stock exchanges but are headquartered outside of the US. Toyota and Prudential are examples of ADRs. (MarketWatch offers a more extensive list of ADRs.) 

Please note that our ADR data is still under construction. It is currently expected for these companies to have errors with filings and/or calculations. ADR companies typically file 20-Fs and 40-Fs rather than 10-Qs and 10-Ks, which requires a new approach to processing and standardization. At this time, we cannot resolve all data-related issues for ADR companies.

If you would like additional information about ADRs, feel free to reach out to your account manager. We appreciate your patience while we improve our ADR coverage.