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Academic Research Powered by Intrinio

Examples of academic research in which Intrinio has been cited as a source.

At Intrinio, we're on a mission to make financial data affordable and accessible, so that developers and academics can unleash their potential in the fintech industry and beyond. 

Below are examples of academic research that have utilized Intrinio data, broken out by field of study.


Gupta, R. (2018) S&P 500 Stock's Movement Prediction using CNN. Stanford University, CA

Davies, SW. & Van Wesep, ED. (2018) The unintended consequences of divestment. In: Journal of Financial Economics, Elsevier, Oxford, UK

Sormani, G. (2018) Market timing and financial leverage revisited. Open Universiteit Nederland, NL

Computer Science

Trivedi, U. (2017) Stock Pundit - an Android mobile application. Sacramento State, CA

Rozga, S. (2018) Adaptive Cards and Custom Graphics. In: Practical Bot Development. Apress, Berkeley, CA

Rozga, S. (2018) Applying Our Learnings: Alexa Skills Kit. In: Practical Bot Development. Apress, Berkeley, CA

Strutinsky, M. (2018) Configuration and Evaluation of Shareholder Portfolio with Business Intelligence Systems and Machine Learning. Budapest Business School, HU

Computer Engineering 

Mounier, A. & Suarez Bodean, J. (2018) Automatic system for the sale of financial assets. Technological Institute of Buenos Aires, AR

Kanti Dey, P. (2019) Rethinking Routing and Peering in the Era of Vertical Integration of Network Functions. University of Central Florida, FL

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