Refresh Data in Excel for Mac

Refreshing data in Excel can be a hassle. We’re showing you two methods to easily refresh data within the Intrinio Excel add-in for Mac.

Having trouble refreshing data within your Excel spreadsheet on Mac? Well, we have two simple solutions for you!

If you want a quick, easy fix - use Method #1. It will, however, require you to follow the process each and every time you want to refresh your data.

If you have 5 minutes, scroll down to Method #2. This method will help you create a button, and it's as simple as that. To refresh your spreadsheet data, at any time - just click the button.

Remember, our team is always available via chat if you run into problems. We are here to help.


Run the IntrinioRefresh Macro

  1. At the top of the screen, click on "Excel" then "Preferences"

2. Double click on "Ribbon & Toolbar"

3. On the right hand side, check the box next to "Developer"

4. Click "Save" in the bottom right hand corner

5. You should now see a tab at the top of the Excel spreadsheet called "Developer." Click on it.

6. On the left hand side, you should see a button called "Macros" with a bright green arrow. Click on it.

7. A prompt will pop up. In the top where it says "Macro Name," type "IntrinioRefresh"

8. In the bottom right hand corner, click run

9. Your data will update in the spreadsheet!


Create a Macro Button in Your Toolbar

  1. At the top of the screen, click on "Excel" then "Preferences"

2. Double click on "Ribbon & Toolbar"

3. On the right hand side, at the bottom, click the + button

4. Click "New Tab"

5. Click on the "New Tab (Custom)" that shows up

6. Click the settings symbol at the bottom, and click "Rename..."

7. Name this tab "Intrinio" and click "Save"

8. Underneath your new tab, click "New Group (Custom)"

9. On the left hand side, click "Choose commands from", and select "Macros"

10. Scroll down and select "IntrinioRefresh"

11. Click the right-facing arrow in the middle

12. You should see "IntrinioRefresh" show up underneath your new custom group on the right

13. Click "Save"

14. Now, at the top of your workbook, you should see a tab called "Intrinio." Click on that.

15. Underneath it should be a button called "IntrinioRefresh." Now, every time you click that button, the data in your spreadsheet will refresh.