Excel Off-Boarding for PC Users

A how to guide for removing the Intrinio add-in for the short and long term in Windows.


Our Excel add-in allows you to bring live financial data into your spreadsheet, with easy-to-use formulas or pre-built templates. We provide detailed documentation and troubleshooting guides for Excel users who want to work directly with our data in the application.  

If you no longer would like the add-in installed on your PC, this guide will help with disabling and/or removing it. It is also meant to help users troubleshoot the removal process.

Turning off the Intrinio Excel add-in

Turning off our Excel add-in functionally removes it from use while allowing you to reinstate its usage at any time. To turn off the Excel add-in:

  • Inside Excel, navigate to File > Options > Excel options menu
  • Select Excel add-ins from the drop-down menu and click go
  • Find the Intrinio add-in from the list and uncheck the check box beside the add-in

To reinstate the Intrinio add-in functionality, simply repeat the process above and recheck the check box in the add-in screen. 

Complete removal of the Intrinio add-in

If you no longer need to use the Intrinio Excel add-in and you'd like to completely remove it: 

  • Delete the Intrinio add-in file from where it is stored. (You can find the file location from File > Options > Excel options menu and find the Intrinio add-in. The file path will be to the right of the add-in list.)

Once you delete the Intrinio add-in file, navigate back to the add-in list and select the Intrinio add-in. A prompt should appear to warn you that Excel could not find the reference file for the add-in and ask if you want to delete it from the list. Clicking yes removes any remaining traces of the add-in.

Troubleshooting the removal process

If you have deleted the Intrinio add-in and the Intrinio Excel menu remains, the following steps should be taken to ensure proper removal. Verify that the add-in has been disabled and that the file has been fully uninstalled. Since the Intrinio macro names remain, which are now referencing deleted macros, Excel won’t allow you to manually delete them. You have to first: 

  1. Export any other code (VBA) modules you intend to keep
  2. Save the file as an .xlsx to eliminate any VBA
  3. Re-import the saved modules
  4. Re-save the file as an .xlsm

This step also eliminates the workbook macros that Intrinio leaves behind, which it attempts to run upon opening the workbook. 


If the troubleshooting process does not work for you, or you wish to find out more about our other data access methods, chat with us or ask questions on our community forum.