A frequently asked question at Intrinio is, "How much does it cost?" This is one of the bigger questions when it comes to choosing a financial data provider and the unsatisfying answer is, "It depends." 

This article is designed to help data buyers ask smarter questions so we can get you a more accurate price more quickly. By the end of it, you should be asking something like, "What does it cost to get real time stock prices from NASDAQ and end of day (EOD) options prices from OPRA for non-display use by a startup?"

Now you are talking!

What determines the cost for stock and options prices?

The price you pay for stock and option's prices depends on four factors:

  • What exchange do you want the data from?

Stock prices can come from hundreds of exchanges. In the US you can buy prices from NASDAQ, IEX, NYSE, OPRA etc. This article explains how to choose an exchange. In general, an exchange with high volume like NASDAQ is more expensive than an exchange like IEX. 

  • What speed do you want the data to flow at?

You can get data in real time, streaming via WebSocket, or get a snap quote via rest API. You can get 15-min delayed prices which are generally cheaper than real time prices and you can get end of day or historical stock prices which are cheaper still.  

  • What kind of a user are you?

If you are buying for a big company you will pay the most. If you are buying for a startup or smaller company, it is cheaper. If you are buying just for yourself then that is cheapest of all. 

  • What do you want to do with the data? 

Startups and enterprises that need to display data via an app will pay more than companies using data internally. Individuals don't display data. 

Ok- So, how much does it cost for me?

Most Intrinio data feeds display pricing for you based on the criteria listed above. You just use our pricing calculator to see your cost. 

For many use cases and several exchanges, Intrinio has self sign up pricing. You can click on Pricing tab on the product page and see what it will cost. Then you can take a free trial, or subscribe on your own.

Here are some examples:

If you are an enterprise, you'll see a "Request a Quote" button on most of our financial data options. This just means we can't display your cost- but we can quote it to you in less than 24 hours with the information from part one of this article.

Feel free to chat with our support team to request pricing for options or equities. We can help you ask the right questions so that you can find out how much it will cost for the real time prices you are looking for. 

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