This article explains how to subscribe to our QUODD real time feeds, including how to subscribe, explanations on pro vs. non-pro classification, and how to sign the QUODD/Nasdaq user agreement


QUODD is our real time data partner. With them we're able to offer individual solutions for real-time WebSocket and REST API connections to the Nasdaq Basic and TMX QuantumFeed® and TSX Venture exchanges. For enterprise level data feeds we offer US Equities Level 1 Real Time Stocks, OPRA Real Time Options Prices, NYMEX and COMEX Real Time Futures Prices, and many others.


To subscribe to one of our individual solutions for the Nasdaq Basic and/or TMX Quantumfeed products, navigate to the pricing page on each respective feed (Nasdaq Basic seen below):

Nasdaq Basic Pricing

Select your license (non-professional vs. professional explained in the next section below), usage (select "define" next to each option to view the respective API limits for each), billing preference and proceed to check out.

To subscribe to an enterprise level solution for either of those products, or any of our other real-time products, please message us at


The Pro and Non-pro classifications come directly from the exchange. It determines the exchange fee owed to the exchange and is based on your use case and profession. To determine which plan you qualify for, click "Terms & Limits" under either plan, and read the non-pro criteria.

Once you determine which plan you qualify for, click the plan name and then hit subscribe.


If you subscribed to the Non-Pro plan, navigate to your account page, and sign the agreement. That will be sent to QUODD, who will review and either approve or deny your agreement in 24 hours. You will receive an email either way.

If you subscribed to the Pro plan, please message us at and let us know you subscribed, as we need to send over a specific professional agreement for you to sign.

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