Intrinio provides real time streaming data, the most recent data, and end of day historical data for many different data types. Marketcap, stock prices, analyst estimates of earnings, executive contacts, and hundreds of other data types are all available in the marketplace

The range of historical data varies depending on the data feed and the data point within the data feed. The best way to determine how much history is available is to check on the product page by clicking on the data feed in the marketplace.

Users can also test data feeds to see how far back the data goes or chat us! Here is a quick reference guide for our most popular data feeds to make it easier to determine if there is a long enough history for your use case:

  • US Fundamentals & Stock Prices: Financial statement data including marketcap and valuation metrics goes back to 2007. Historical stock prices goes back 40+ years to the IPO of most public companies. News data back to May, 2016.
  • International EOD Prices: Data back to 2007.
  • US and Canadian Analyst Ratings and Target Prices: Zacks offers a rolling 5 year history; TipRanks provides history back to 2010.
  • US & Canadian Estimates and Surprises: Rolling 5 year history.
  • US Blogger Ratings: History back to 2010.
  • US News Sentiments: History back to 4/2016.
  • US EOD Option Prices: Rolling 9 years of history available.
  • US Insider Transactions: History back to 2003.
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