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We offer a wide variety of data feeds, including fundamentals, stock prices, and more.

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Intro To US Fundamentals & Stock Prices

Pull data on 10,000+ stocks via API, Excel, and CSV at an affordable monthly price with the US Fundamentals & Stock Prices data feed.
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Written by Rachel Carpenter
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Filings, Fundamentals, and Financials

How data in Intrinio's Company Fundamentals API gets from a Filing to an API response.
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Written by Json Landry
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Financial Companies vs. Non-Financial Companies

Financial companies and non-financial companies structure reporting differently, which is why we offer two different standardized data tags.
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Written by Yates Sayers
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How To Use The Standardized Financials Endpoint

A guide to returning all standardized financials from a specific statement for a company using the US Fundamentals & Stock Prices feed.
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Written by Alex Solo
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Fundamental Data Coverage

Dive into which security types include fundamental data, how it's obtained, and what's coming soon.
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Written by Courtney Lothridge
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Using The Securities Screener With API v2

Intrinio’s Security Screener lets you sift through securities and return those that meet predefined parameters through our simple API.
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Written by Alex Read
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Stock Screener

Sort through securities based on predefined conditions with Intrinio’s Stock Screener API. Built by developers, for developers.
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Written by Yates Sayers
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Company News

Read our reference guide to accessing company news via Intrinio’s Web API and Excel, with sample syntax and links to documentation.
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Written by Yates Sayers
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US Financial Statement Notes

The US Financial Statement Notes data feed gives you access to over 6.4 million notes, such as lawsuits, searchable by keyword.
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Written by Flavia Russo
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