Executive Contacts and Compensation data feed from Greensight is broken into two data feeds, one for the United States and one for international executives. Both feeds include direct email and direct phone numbers for key leaders at major corporations as well as 4+ years of compensation data . This article explains what is included in these new feeds and the cost to subscribe, how to access the data in Excel, and how to use the Executive Contacts API.

What is included and what does it cost?

The executive compensation data is split into two data feeds. The US Executive Contacts and Compensation data feed is the smaller of the two data sets, covering 4,000+ companies in North America with 52,000+ contacts. The International Executive Contacts and Compensation data feed covers 15,600+ companies around the world with 87,175 contacts. Both feeds include similar data points for the individuals that run the worlds businesses:

  • 1,300+ new contacts each month
  • Direct emails for 75% of contacts, Direct phone for 27%
  • Data for CEO, CFO, Corporate Secretary, General Counsel, Treasurer, Investor Relations Officer, Corporate Development/Strategy, Board Members
  • Compensation data including 4 years of history, salary, bonus, options

The most obvious use of this data is for getting in touch with decision makers, but another use case is for investors that want to systematically track changes in management. The compensation data is another indicator of company performance that is provides information when analyzing an investment in a firm. Collecting this data manually is time consuming and expensive and can delay decision making.

International Executive Contacts API Pricing

The international feed costs more than the US data because it includes quite a bit more data. Both data feeds offer free trials so users can test the data. Individual plans are the same as professional plans except the professional plan enables a user to access more data each day. Startup plans offer discounts to companies that meet revenue and funding requirements and need to redistribute data through their application to their own end users. If you need a custom plan because you don't qualify as a startup or need more daily data, just shoot us a message.

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How do I access Executive Contacts API Data In Excel?

If you are unfamiliar with Intrinio's Excel add-in, this tutorial will walk you through the install. This tool will enable you to pull data into Excel and have that data update whenever the data in Intrinio's database updates. This makes it easy to build lists of contacts with emails and phone numbers as well as compensation data for analyses in Excel.

Start by subscribing to a plan for either the US data feed or the international data feed. You can also trial a limited version via the sandbox environment, using your sandbox key. Once you have a subscription and have installed the Excel add in, you can use the datapoint function to pull the most recent data for an executive:

=intriniodatapoint("@MUSK_51244-TSLA:US", "comp_total_summary")

Pulling the Total Compensation for Elon Musk into Excel

You can also use the historicaldata function to pull in up to 4 years of compensation history:


Compensation History for Elon Musk

The full documentation for pulling executive compensation data into Excel is available here. You can look up the different tag options, items like Cash Paid and Option Awards, in the Data Tag Directory. If you want to make life really easy, use the API Explorer. This tool will build the Excel syntax for you so you can just copy and paste it into your spreadsheet.

How do I access Executive Contacts Data Via API ?

The full documentation for the Executive Contacts API is available here. Its important to remember that in many cases there are many pages of data- this article gives examples of how to get started with Intrinio's API and how to use the pager. If you want to pull a list of all executives, start with this call:


Sample Executive Compensation API Call

This call will return the identifier and name as well as the location of the individual (US/Non-US). You can pass a company symbol to subset the data based on your company of interest:


Just Pulling Contacts From AAPL

Using these identifiers, you can begin systematically pulling contact and compensation data for these executives:


Screening to Pull Executive Data for Apple's Tim Cook

The documentation provides many more examples, but it's easy to see how an executive contacts API would make it easier to systematically track contacts and their compensation and even sort by company. The API explorer is a great tool that will make the syntax easier. Just scroll down through the data types and select the Executive Compensation data types you are interested in.

You can copy the API syntax directly from the API Explorer to your browser and view JSON outputs.

Why Use This Feed?

Intrinio works to partner with companies that want to make financial data affordable and accessible. Thats our mission, and it's a mission that Greensight shares. Making their executive compensation and contact data available in Excel and via API through Intrinio offers exciting possibilities.

Use the data for your marketing and sales efforts, as well as to pick up alpha in your quant models. Tracking changes and compensation systematically is a creative way to gain insight into the value of a company. Send us your ideas, your questions, and your dreams- we can't wait to see what you build with this new data set.

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