So you want to try a widget on your website but you don't know how that works? You've come to the right place!

Important Links

Widgets Marketplace
Widgets Marketplace article
Widgets section in the account page

Navigating the Customization Page

The widgets page offers clear directions and prewritten scripts that will make widget placement easy. The top half of the screen gives instructions on the placement of code snippets, while the lower half provides the user with ticker and theme customization for the selected widget type. Should the need arise, we also provide custom widgets made to fit!

How to Embed Widgets

The top half of the widget customization provides an overview of where to place the JavaScript embedded script, as well as instructions on the division placement where the widget itself will be shown. The result should look like this:

The script in the head only needs to appear once in your site, which makes adding multiple widgets to a page as simple as possible. The following sample displays every stock widget we have in our marketplace.

And just like that, the widgets appear in the order they are placed in!

Returning to Widget Customization

We make changing up your style straightforward with a side bar selection in your Intrinio account. Selecting "WIDGETS" from the menu takes you to an overview of your widget name, subscription plan, status, and the option to configure each widget individually. Select the "Configure" link next to your widget information to return to the widget customization page. Customizing the related fields of your widget and saving will automatically apply the changes made to the affected widget when the page is reloaded.

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