Intrinio now offers options of widgets in it's new marketplace!

What they are

Widgets are data display tools for simple market visualization. 

To subscribe to a widget, click the customize button next to the widget you're interested in. 

We offer a free version of all of the widgets, as well a paid version. 

  • The free widgets include Intrinio branding that you cannot remove and allow for 1,000 daily views. 
  • The paid versions starting at the Starter-Business plan do not include Intrinio branding and range from 5,000 to unlimited daily views.

If you select "define" next to each plan, it'll state how many views are included and whether branding is required or not.

How to access them

Widgets can be added to any html page using a script and a division tag. The widgets appearance can be set from your Intrinio account page. 

To add a widget to your page, simply follow the instructions on the widget configuration page, setting the JS script within the head tag of your page and placing the div tag where you want the widget to be displayed. 

Note: that you do not need to add the JS script to your page multiple times if you want to add more than one widget to your page, even if different widgets are selected.

Widget customization includes ticker selection and theme choice which can be performed on the widgets configuration page. The widgets configuration page is shown when you first purchase a subscription and can also be accessed from the account page. 

To access widget configuration from your account, navigate to the widget section of your account and select the “configure” button of the widget you desire to change. 

  • On the widget configuration page, you can customize your widget using the ticker and theme boxes at the bottom of the page. 
  • Once your selection has been made, save the configuration using the save button below the boxes and reload the page containing the widgets. 
  • The appearance of the widget should reflect the changes that were made.  

Options available

We offer inline ticker summaries that provide market data without breaking up the flow of text by displaying charts and data in a hover over pop-up display. The text also serves as a link to more in-depth information on our website. Customization performed on this widget effects the hover display.

We also offer stock charts of varying sizes that visualize data in a user-friendly manner. Including:

  • Ticker summaries and ticker tapes provides small, easily understandable data points about individual companies or tickers. 
  • Small or full stock charts which display stock prices for a selected ticker.

Each widget can be customized by company or ticker and includes three visually appealing themes.

If you have any questions, or need help with your widgets, please Chat with Us!

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