Many data providers sell one all-encompassing subscription - you pay one price and get access to all of their data. Intrinio knows that most users only use a fraction of the data included in these types of subscriptions. 

Intrinio has separated its data into various products so that users only pay for the data they need. These products are called "data feeds." When you subscribe to one of them, you get access to the data included in that product. 

You can see the different data feeds that are available in the Intrinio Marketplace.

There are hundreds of data feeds to choose from, so you can search and filter the marketplace to find the data types you need. If you click on either data feed in our marketplace, you can see the data that is included as well as the price to start a subscription.

You can explore the data to see if you are interested in subscribing and the cost to subscribe to different plans. 

Using data feeds enables Intrinio users to pick and choose the data types they need, creating a unique combination of data feeds that meet their needs. This model ends up being far less expensive than purchasing a single subscription that includes everything, including data types you don't need.

PS. Don't forget that most of our data feeds are available in the Sandbox environment, free for testing.

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