Further proving that Intrinio offers some of the best customer support in the industry, we now have a ticketing system, which benefits all users across our platform.

What is the Ticketing System?

A new way of submitting tickets to our data quality team which can be done directly from the users' account page

How Does it Work?

If you need to report a data quality discrepancy, make a general inquiry, or ask a technical question, the most convenient and fastest way is to file a ticket right from your account dashboard. 

When opening a ticket, users can choose type of request, attach images/documents to the request, track its status, and keep track of how many tickets they've opened. 

Who Can File Tickets?

Any user can file tickets and once that is done, it will reach our data team's ticketing workflow. Tickets are then reviewed and resolved based on:

  • Severity
  • Level of support (standard vs premium)
  • Type of paid subscription/plan

Response and Resolution Times

Response Times:

  • Premium support users will receive a response on any filed ticket within 1 hour of filing, during support hours
  • Standard support users will not have a guaranteed response time.

Response Times:

  • At this time, ticket resolution times cannot be guaranteed, as it depends on complexity of issues and other related factors. 

You can find more information on ticketing system and premium support, here.

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