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Developers Sandbox
Sandbox or Production Example

What is Intrinio's Sandbox?

A sandbox is a testing environment that isolates data from the production environment.

Intrinio offers a sandbox environment that includes hundreds of datasets. Once you create an account, you'll automatically get sandbox API access, giving you the opportunity to access our entire sandbox environment.

The sandbox has a large variety of limited, free data which you can use for developing, testing, and experimenting. Keep in mind, since it is a limited environment, you'll be able to access limited data only. For example, if you're accessing US Fundamentals and Stock Prices, you'll be limited to DOW 30 securities. 

You can see a complete list of what's included in the sandbox here.

I Want to Access the Production Database, What Should I do?

Intrinio users have the opportunity to choose between the sandbox environment and the production environment.

In order to get access to our production environment, you will need a paid subscription to a data feed. To get one, find the data feed you are looking for here. When you find the data you are looking for, purchase a paid plan. Once you have a paid plan, simply use your "Production" API key, and you will have access to the entire production dataset, according to your chosen data feed(s) and paid plan(s).

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