What is BATS?

The Better Alternative Trading System (BATS) is a US based equities exchange. 

The BATS 15 minute delayed stock prices data feed gives you the ability to pull information ranging from the Top of Book to Depth of Book and everything in between.

What's Included?

  • Bid
  • Ask
  • Size of top bid/ask
  • Last 10 trades
  • Market volume
  • Total trade volume
  • Price 
  • And more

Access via API

Return the security pricing data with the specific identifier:


Which returns:

    "last_price": 190.08,
    "last_time": "2019-05-16T20:15:22.000Z",
    "bid_price": 189.54,
    "bid_size": 10,
    "ask_price": 190.8,
    "ask_size": 20,
    "open_price": 189.67,
    "high_price": 215.3,
    "low_price": 169.42,
    "exchange_volume": 1859808,
    "market_volume": null,
    "updated_on": "2019-05-16T20:15:26.948Z",
    "source": "bats_delayed",
    "security": {
        "id": "sec_agjrgj",
        "ticker": "AAPL",
        "exchange_ticker": "AAPL:UW",
        "figi": "BBG000B9Y5X2",
        "composite_figi": "BBG000B9XRY4"

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