What Are US Financial Statement Notes?

The US Financial Statement Notes data feed gives you access to all XBRL notes and disclosures included on all U.S. public companies’ 10K, 10K/A, 10Q, and 10Q/A filings. 

Over 6.4 Million Notes are searchable by keyword. 

How Would I Use This Data?

Use the data to search for information that is otherwise not easily found or inferred when solely looking at numbers or financial reports, such as lawsuits, relationships (with suppliers, customers, competitors), policies, and risks.

What Data Is Included?

  • Basic Company Information
  • Over 6.4 Million Notes from 10Q, 10K, 10Q/A, and 10K/A Searchable by Keyword
  • Filter by recency, company id, filing date, etc

Access via API

Data is accessible via API v2, which includes officially supported SDKs

To return all notes from all fillings, including xbrl_tag, filling, cik, report_type, period_end_date, and more:


To search for a specific company and report_type, for example AAPL and report_type 10-K:


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