If you are redistributing or showcasing Intrinio data, we require that you have our logo somewhere on your site as well as a note referencing that the data is provided by Intrinio. Both the logo and the note should have do-follow backlinks directing to https://intrinio.com/.  

The Logos

We have two PNG variations that you can use. The black logo seen here should be used on a light colored background, and the green logo seen here should be used on a dark colored background. 

The Backlinks

When using our logo, please hyperlink the logo image to https://intrinio.com/

Additionally, when redistributing or showcasing our data on your website, app, blog, or other platform, please link to https://intrinio.com/ in the following way:

This (insert name of app, analysis, etc) was powered by Intrinio's stock data API.

To ensure that this link is set up as a do-follow, please right click on the link and hit "inspect". The code should look like this:

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