An easy way to stay ahead of the competition and predict price movements is by monitoring the insiders that are closest to a company's operations. The US Insider Transactions and Ownership Feed lets you know every time an insider at a public company buys or sells that company's stock.

Once you subscribe you can view the transactions for a specific company or a specific owner with a breakdown of shares and the value of those shares for all direct holdings via a REST API. Tracking these movements is a lucrative way to gain intelligence ahead of the crowd. 




There are five main categories within the US Insider Transactions and Ownership Feed. Querying via the "Owners" endpoint would return a list of all the owners of a particular security. Subscribers can also access information about ownership (via company or owner) or any security transactions (via company or owner).

  • Owners 
  • Insider Transactions by Company
  • Insider Ownership by Company
  • Insider Transactions by Owner
  • Insider Holdings by Owner

Return Values

The US Insider Transactions and Ownership Feed includes dozens of valuable ownership, transaction, and basic data points for more than 10,000 US companies. A sampling of data points is listed below, but the exhaustive list can be viewed in the documentation.

  • Owner Central Index Key
  • Incorporation State
  • Headquarters Address
  • Institutional Owner (or no)
  • Owner Name
  • Filing URL
  • 10% Owner (or no)
  • Officer Title
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Price
  • Amount of Shares
  • Total Shares Owned
  • Derivative Transaction (or no)
  • Exercise Date
  • Nature of Ownership


The US Insider Transactions and Ownership Feed can be accessed via the Intrinio REST API. Below are some sample API calls to help you get started.

If this is the first time you're accessing the Intrinio REST API, you'll want to get started with the following tutorial:

Getting Started With the Intrinio API

Here is an example of an API Call that will pull in a list of all owners whose name includes the letters "Musk":

This API call will return all of the insider transactions for the company Tesla:

This API call will return a list of all of the inside owners of Tesla stock:

This API call will return all of the insider transactions for the "owner" whose identifier is "0001494730" (Elon Musk):

This API call will return all of the current holdings for the "owner" whose identifier is "0001494730" (Elon Musk):

You'll find the API Explorer incredibly helpful. Simply choose the type of call you'd like to make (ownership, holdings, etc.) and fill in the security. An API call will automatically be generated for you. You can copy and paste that syntax directly into the browser or into your code.


Intrinio's underlying technology uses algorithms and machine learning to source data on US securities, which keeps costs extraordinarily low. Fortunately for you, we pass those cost savings on to the end user. We're proud to provide the most affordable US securities data on the market.

Should you need more data than is available on the Enterprise Plan, we are happy to provide you with a quote. Send our team a message!

Quotes are generally returned within 1 business day and are paid month to month, meaning users can cancel at anytime. A quote and a free trial are always made available before any subscription.

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