Historically, real-time pricing data was restricted to only those that could afford thousands of dollars a month to connect to the exchanges. On top of that, developers wishing to display the data on websites or applications were subjected to extra fees for each user that viewed the data. Not any more.

At Intrinio, we've built resources and support mechanisms into our ecosystem so that integrating real time prices is a piece of cake. This product is particularly powerful for developers and makes displaying live prices to end users ridiculously affordable.



The IEX top of book quote feed (TOPS), is a direct data feed product providing aggregated best quoted bid and offer position in real-time for all securities on IEX's displayed limit order book.

The IEX Real-Time Stock Prices Feed includes:

  • Real-time stock prices for US securities
  • Redistribution to end users included
  • Bid, ask, and last price
  • No contracts


The IEX Real-Time Stock Prices feed can be accessed via Websocket. We provide 6 different Software Development Kits (SDKs) to help with integrations. Follow the steps in each SDK to get started streaming prices. 

The Websocket will allow you to "connect" to a security and stream prices for that company. We offer 3 different plans (Professional, Startup, and Enterprise) that offer varying numbers of "connections".


The IEX Real-Time Stock Prices feed can also be accessed via a Firehose. Follow any of the  6 different Software Development Kits (SDKs) to get started with the Firehose. 

For this access method, you'll need to special access to the "Lobby Channel". You can find more info here:

  • The security lobby ($lobby) where all price quotes for all securities are posted
  • The security last price lobby ($lobby_last_price) where only last price quotes for all securities are posted


IEX was the first stock exchange ever to make real time pricing data affordable and available with no redistribution fees. Leveraging our ecosystem, resources, SDKs, and support.

Each plan has a limited number of tickers you can stream prices for. If you need more access, it's very easy to upgrade. Let us know how we can help!

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