Financial analysts and fintech developers everywhere are realizing they have other, cheaper options when it comes to sourcing financial data. Intrinio's financial data API strives to increase those choices by offering a wide variety of data types that are affordable, easy to access, and of a high quality.

Traditional data providers have enjoyed monopolies on this data for decades, making financial data APIs expensive or limiting access. This article shows how Intrinio is changing things. Keep reading for examples of the data types Intrinio offers, how they can be accessed, and how much they cost.

You can create an account and immediately begin accessing data feeds, like the US Fundamentals & Stock Prices, US Global & Economic, and US Sector & Industry data feeds, which are stocked with free data in our Sandbox environment.

You Have Options

Intrinio is breaking the monopoly of traditional data providers using the feeds in this article. We are adding new feeds constantly. You can stay up to date on what is available by checking out our data feeds in the Intrinio Marketplace.  You can also contact chat support by clicking the little green icon in the bottom right corner on any of our web pages.

Our mission is to make financial data affordable and easy to access, and our financial data API is our primary tool for accomplishing that mission. The more users we gain, the easier it becomes to change the investment landscape in favor of investors.

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