Users and customers of Intrinio are often times looking for financial data they can redistribute with their own users or customers. Redistribution generally refers to "sharing" or "displaying" data somewhere someone other than the account owner can see it. 

This is normal in the world of finance and some common examples include a publicly traded company streaming its share price on its website, an application for investors that want to see financial data, and reports generated for clients. 

When you create an Intrinio account, you agree to these terms. These terms do not allow redistribution. Users of Intrinio's "Individual" subscriptions are allowed to use data for their own internal, personal use, but they cannot redistribute that data.

When you click on a data feed in the marketplace, you will see the subscriptions that are available. In the Pricing tab, you will the different plans we offer according to each use case of the data. Under each license there is a "Define" link you can click and see how Intrinio defines the different types of licenses we offer and who should be using them. If you click "Terms and Limits" you can see how a subscription modifies the terms you agreed to when you created an account.

In contrast to these plans, most "Enterprise" plans do allow redistribution. Few data feeds in the marketplace allow self sign up to enterprise plans, while most require a form to be filled out to confirm pricing and eligibility requirements. 

In addition to Enterprise subscriptions, some users are eligible for "Startup" plans that provide a discount to startups earning less than $10,000/mo with less than $200,000 in funding. In some cases, startups can get data for free for 6 months when they are accepted into our "Startup Program". If you're interested, click here.

"Developer", "Startup", and "Enterprise" subscriptions all modify the terms to allow redistribution.

Redistribution rights do not allow "redistribution redistribution" whereby your application allows your end users to bulk download raw data or redistribute data to their own end users. "White Labeling" and redistribution redistribution options are available, but you'll need to contact our sales team to discuss these options.

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