Intrinio provides end of data stock prices, including open/high/low/close/volume, from our partner Exchange Data International. You can read more about EDI and how to subscribe to this data here. 

Sometimes, users that have subscribed to this data report that the data is delayed in updating. In other words, the exchange has stopped trading for the day and the EOD data isn't available yet.

For most international exchanges, the EOD prices will be available within 3 hours of the exchange closing. With 160+ exchanges, however, there are always a few that fail to release their EOD prices in a timely manner.

In these cases, there isn't anything EDI, Intrinio, or any investors can do until the exchange releases their prices. Here is a list of exchanges that have had  this issue in the past:

If you are not seeing EOD prices, the best solution is to query the data, in Excel or API format, at regular intervals. If-then logic should state that if the prices are not updated at the normal time, then you should query again. 

Intrinio's systems will update the prices as soon as they are released from the exchange. 

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