Intrinio provides 300+ different data feeds to choose from. You can subscribe to as many, or as few, as you'd like. Each feed includes different data and has its own pricing and plans.

You can view and search the full list of feeds we offer in our data marketplace

Our API and Excel add-in are free to use. You simply pay for the data you need to access through them.

To see the data that is included in one of our feeds, as well as the pricing and available plans, hit "More Info" on the data feed in the marketplace. You'll be sent to the product page for that specific data feed.

You'll see prices listed under tab "Pricing", with the ability to choose which plan/license better fits your use case. Click on "Define" and "Terms and Limits" to see pertinent and important info for each plan. 

For the majority of our data feeds, the prices and self sign up plans for an individual and startup are listed. For enterprise clients and for those data feeds that do not have pricing listed, please chat with our team to request a quote. Most data feeds have a self sign up free limited trial as well so you can test out the data before subscribing.

To subscribe to any data feed, first create an account. Once you do, you're able to subscribe to any paid plans listed on each respective data feed product page.

Upon creating an account, you're also automatically given a sandbox access key and can start testing hundreds of data feeds, like the one below: 

US Fundamentals & Stock Prices

Users can access hundreds of data feeds via our sandbox environment, free of charge. In order to access any production environment, you'd need to subscribe to one of the paid plans listed on the product page.

If you have any questions about the specific data or pricing for a specific data feed that you don't see explained on the product page, don't hesitate to chat with our team. 

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