You can find all of Intrinio's real time SDKs on Github by searching for "Intrinio"on Github.

When you do, you'll see a list of 6 languages - just click your language of choice to filter.

SDKs are a great tool for developers - they make it easier to access financial data from Intrinio in your own environment for integration into an application. Sometimes referred to as "wrappers", packages, or libraries, you can install them to simplify the code necessary for making API calls.

Intrinio's SDKs can be broken down into two categories: webSocket SDKs, meant to make it easier to stream realtime data, and REST SDKs, meant for pulling data at a specific point in time.

Currently, we support the following "Intrinio Official" WebSocket API SDKs, that make it simple to stream stock prices:

If you are unfamiliar with streaming stock prices, start here, and this article gives an introduction to the REST API

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